Due for Mac 1.0.1: Notifications Control, bug fixes

Due for Mac 1.0.1: Notifications Control, bug fixes

• Notifications Control. Selectively enable or disable Growl notifications, their stickiness, sound or icon bouncing for different types of alerts.


• New default notification behavior: reminders and timers that become due stay on screen and bounces dock icon once. Notification turned off for the sync statuses: ‘Checking for updates…’, ‘Uploading…’ and ‘Upload complete’.

• Separate Growl notifications for items that have just become due vs notifications from auto-snoozing items

• Cmd Return now automatically strips any detected date from title and saves the reminder immediately without further confirmation

• Adding a reminder via the due:// URL with a parseable date/time now automatically selects the detected date/time, ready for deletion or saving on Return


• There could be no sounds on the Mac if the user had turned down ‘Alert volume’ or ‘Play user interface sound effects’ in System Preferences > Sound

• Item is saved when user has no intention to do so on certain input methods (such as Japanese) where the Return key is also used to select text (thanks Noritaka Kamiya)

• Adding reminders via the due:// URL scheme does not always show the populated item editor if Due is not running, or if window is closed

• Parsing doesn’t take place if reminder is created via due:// URL

• Menu items and shortcuts Show Reminders/Timers/Logbook do not work when window is closed (thanks Alan Dague-Greene)

• Server database can be overwritten with local database even when user has set to replace local database on next sync

• Relative date (eg. in 10 minutes) in the date field anchors off the due time instead of the time now (thanks Dries Geeroms)

• Changing system date and time zone does not refresh the display of dates and times in Due

• Clicking to switch focus between input fields doesn’t hide the natural date parsing help prompt

• Editing the title of an existing reminder with a parseable date/time already present could reset the due date of the reminder

• Overdue timers are not counted as active timers in the status bar

• Changing preferences panel did not stop any preview sound that’s currently playing

• Crash on launch when no Computer Name is provided in System Preferences > Sharing (thanks Christopher Forsythe / Jorge Balandra)


It’s been 2 years since I started making the first version of Due for the iPhone. Due for OS X certainly wouldn’t have been possible without your support, as well as all the kind reviews out there. Thank you, all of you.

Now that I’ve got the 1.0 bugs out of the way and better notification control, my priority would be the #1 feature request: menubar and dockless operation.

And something else exciting. — JJ