Due 1.7.3: Bug fixes

★ FIXES IN 1.7.3 ★

  • Crashing bug when marking complete a weekly reminder, where the next recurrence is past the current year (thanks Zane Heard)
  • Crashing bug on the iPad when a reminder has a parseable date, and the user changes the date, followed by tapping on a Quick Timing (thanks SPN)
  • Bugs that cause certain weekly recurring reminders to advance to the wrong date when the next recurrence is past the current year
  • Bug on the iPad where the date parser overrides the user’s chosen due date when the keyboard is dismissed, or when a Quick Button is tapped upon
  • Bug where user cannot cancel the linking of Dropbox
  • Bug where user cannot create an account to Dropbox
  • Undo/redo buttons in Edit mode are now tinted in red as well (thanks Robert Cooper)

Due 1.7.2: Grouped alerts*, iOS 5 prompt, bug fixes


✓ Grouped multiple reminder alerts into a single alert view when Due is running in the foreground

*Alerts when Due is not running continues to be handled by iOS, and is thus ungrouped. In iOS 5, choose Banner style alerts for Due in iOS Settings > Notifications > Due for less obtrusive alerts.


  • Users who’ve upgraded from iOS 4 to iOS 5 now receive a one-time message about running Due on iOS 5
  • Updated Italian localization


  • Bug where reminder cannot be saved when edited through ‘Custom repeat’ from the Quick Panel (thanks @devinstoker)
  • Bug that prevents calling/sending messages to numbers with spaces in them (thanks Alessio Cerioli)
  • Bug that may on rare occasion crashes Due on launch
  • Bug that may on rare occasion crashes Due when adding/editing a reminder
  • Bug that crashes Due when sharing recurring reminders with a very, very long recurrence description
  • Bug where the help prompt for Logbook inaccurately describes what the Logbook does (thanks Sunny Singh)

Apple’s Reminders.app, location-based reminders and Due

When Apple first announced its own Reminders.app for iOS5 back in June, I wrote my thoughts about what it meant for Due.

Between that announcement and the official launch of iOS5 on Tuesday, I’ve received a number of emails from users—-most of whom have never used Reminders.app yet—-asking about my plans to ‘counter’ Apple’s Reminders.app. One tech journalist even asked if I’m still going to charge for Due when iOS5 arrives, since Reminders.app will come for free.

My answer has always been no, I don’t have any specific plans to counter Reminders.app, and there’s no need to. The benefits and edge that Due offers—-fast reminder creation, persistent reminders, easy deferring and postponing, powerful recurrences—-over other reminder solutions, including the yet-to-be public Reminders.app, remain.

Thankfully, most users share my thoughts on this.

However, a number of users have remarked that although they vastly prefer Due’s interface and speed over Reminders.app, they would nevertheless hope to see support for location-based reminders in Due, a feature that Reminders.app has but Due doesn’t.

The short (and probably disappointing) answer is that I don’t have plans in the foreseeable future for location-based reminders in Due.

The long (and hopefully sensible) answer is that the paradigm for setting up and displaying location-based reminders is simply too different from time-based reminders for both to exist in harmony, and still maintain the simplicity and speed that we’ve to come to love in Due.

In fact, Reminders.app is the perfect example of what would happen to Due if I’d tried to put in support for location-based reminders.

The strong focus on time-based reminders in Due is the main reason why reminder creation and management is faster, easier and better than iOS5’s Reminders.app.

Adding location-based reminders dilutes this focus, makes it less like Due and more like Reminders.app.

When that happens, we would all wonder why we had paid $5 for an app that’s not quite as fast and as good as Due is today, but works about the same as the free Reminders.app.


Due 1.7.1: iOS5 compatibility update


  • iOS5 compatibility
  • Sharing of reminders via Twitter in iOS5


  • Bug where overdue badging does not work correctly in iOS5
  • [iPad] Bug where accessing custom repeat from quick panel results in oddly-sized, tall popover in iOS5 (thanks Robert Cooper)
  • [iPad] Bug where labels in the countdown timer picker do not show when editing timers in iOS5


  • Note: Silent mode warning is no longer supported on iOS5.

Due 1.7: Remind your friends, Agenda Calendar integration via new Send to Due API

Due 1.7: Remind your friends, Agenda Calendar integration via new Send to Due API. http://www.dueapp.com/whats-new-in-17.html


✓ Now integrated with the #1 calendar app, Agenda Calendar

Add reminders to Due based on your calendar events from Agenda (http://getappsavvy.com/agenda/), and have Due send you right back to where you left off in Agenda.

✓ Remind your family, friends and colleagues

Send reminders to family, friends and colleagues via email or SMS. Swipe across a reminder to access the new action and sharing menu.

✓ Add reminders sent from other users of Due

Your friends using Due can also send you reminders via email and SMS. One tap on the included link, and the reminder is on its way to be saved to your copy of Due.

✓ Email, call or SMS a detected number from within Due

Now detects links, email addresses and phone numbers in reminder titles, offering options to act on them when marked done, or via the new action menu when swiping across a reminder

✓ Launch of Send to Due API

Wish an app you’re using could add reminders to Due? Send your developer a feature request with a link to our developers’ documentation: http://www.dueapp.com/developer.html

✓ Redo support


  • Keyboard now automatically shows first on the iPhone when creating a new reminder
  • Removed ‘Show keyboard first’ option from Settings


  • Bug where ‘Pick up laundry’ timer shows the message ‘Parking expires’ (thanks Kyle De Almeida)
  • Bug where double tap to edit sometimes do not reflect the cell as depressed while loading the edit view
  • Bug in date parser where some hours in the morning are not parsed correctly (thanks Robert Cooper, Kai, @knowsbestt)
  • Bug where date is not parsed when title is auto-corrected on dismissal of keyboard
  • Bug where date parsing options are not localized
  • Bug where relative dates (today, tomorrow, the day after) don’t show in some regional settings (eg. Russian)
  • Bug where a suggested autocorrect is not applied to the title when saving the reminder (thanks John Gibb)
  • Bugs in Arabic localization

Due 1.6 Changelog


✓ Natural date and time parsing for reminders

Create reminders with due date filled in automatically by typing into the title directly. eg. Wash the dishes in 20 mins, Leave for badminton at 3pm on Friday, Buy gift for John’s birthday on July 30 at 1pm, Call the bank an hour from 2pm.

Supports English, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese language. Partial support for other languages.

✓ Now handles >64 active reminders and timers


  • Interval on date picker now dynamically changes to accommodate due times that cannot be accurately displayed by user’s preferred interval setting
  • Editing the value of a timer with an auto-generated label now updates the label to match the new countdown value (thanks @mutewinter)
  • Now hides any transient animation on quit to prevent jarring transition on next resume
  • Overdue and Today+Overdue badging now faster
  • When setting up a new repeating reminder, ‘Repeat from date’ follows the ‘Due date’ automatically


  • Bug where changing timezone results in syncing issues across devices
  • Bug where single tapping on a reminder right after launching Due from an alert is wrongly interpreted as a double tap and ends up editing the reminder
  • Bug where ‘Downloading…’ status is stuck at 100% without triggering sync when dismissing the Add/Edit view on the iPhone (thanks Robert Cooper)
  • Bug where Quick Access Timings are partially hidden on the iPhone during tethering, phone calls and voice recording.
  • Bug related to crashes on iPad (thanks Robert Cooper)
  • Bug where Edit and Undo buttons on the iPad can be tapped upon when adding/editing/recycling an item
  • Spacing issues in Chinese localisation (thanks Zhang Ruochi)
  • Crash on iPad when adding a reminder right after postponing one with the Quick Panel
  • Truncation and shrinking of Edit button on the iPad on rotation in languages where the Edit button is long (thanks Strattner Martin)
  • Jumpy animation when creating/editing a timer

RIP Due?

While waiting for Apple to announce improvements to iOS notifications, a bombshell dropped on Due instead.

Apple announced a new built-in app, Reminders.app, as part of 10 top features introduced for iOS5.

Reminders are something I always thought should have been part of iOS, which is why Due has been marketed as the ‘missing reminder app’ at the outset.

As a third-party app, there are a number of limitations in place for what I could do with Due.

For example, unlike Apple’s own Clock.app, I can’t override the mute switch to play sound alerts. I can’t snooze reminders with a tap of a button on the alert itself without first booting you out of whatever you’re doing and throwing you into Due. I can’t allow you to use your own alarm sounds. I can’t sync reminders in the background without first requiring you to run the app.

Some of these limitations are annoyances, but some are more serious that I had initially thought they would seriously hurt Due’s chances of being a good reminder app.

So on one hand, I’m really excited that Apple is baking reminders functionality right into iOS, which could potentially provide all the functionalities I could only dream of providing.

On the other, I’m also worried about what it means for Due and its future. Would Reminders.app in iOS5 make Due ‘redundant’, as one of the guys on Twitter described what iOS5 would do to a bunch of third-party apps? Is there enough differentiation and room for Due to co-exist alongside the built-in app, and for Due to continue to grow as a reminder app?

Can Due continue to do reminders in a way that is superior to the new built-in solution by Apple?

The knee-jerk reaction that many have when Apple announced Reminders.app was: RIP Due. I remembered feeling that way for a brief moment too.

But once the initial wave of shock has settled, and I had time to take a look at what Reminders.app really is, things don’t seem as grim as it had first seemed.

Apple may have named its new app Reminders (which really, had caused most of the anxiety), but on closer examination, it would probably be more apt for Apple to name it Todos.

Its premise is on making lists of things you’ve to do and checking them off. It just so happens that it does some reminders as well. Sounds familiar?

Put it simply: Reminders.app isn’t trained on Due, but on simple todo list and GTD managers.

The good news here is, Due has never strived to be a todo list or a calendaring app.

In fact, Due makes a terrible todo list. People have been asking for the ability to create reminders without due dates so that Due could function more like a todo list. Never once did I think that that would be a good idea.

To these users, I’ve always pointed them to apps such as wunderlist or Simplenote, or for really heavy GTD users, OmniFocus. These are apps I use myself to complement Due because they’re excellent at making lists of todos, while Due is excellent at reminding.

And Due has always been doing things that could already be done with built-in apps on the iOS, just in a lot more inefficient ways. You could, of course, set up events in Calendar.app with alerts that function like reminders. Or you could use Clock.app for your timer needs.

But you didn’t.

There are quite a few notable third-party apps that thrived by improving or even replacing core functionalities on the iPhone. Just think Simplenote and the built-in Notes.app, Week Cal and the built-in Calendar.app, Dialvetica and the built-in Phone and Contacts.app, one of the thousands third-party weather apps vs the built-in Weather.app.

So am I worried about it? Yes and no.

Yes—because it’ll probably provide less incentives for new or potential customers to look for third-party reminder apps on the App Store.

No—because once people figured that adding a reminder with a due date takes way too much effort, or that the reminders are not persistent enough for their needs, or that rescheduling a reminder is not as easy as it is in Due, or that it doesn’t support the advanced recurrences that Due does, they’ll start looking elsewhere, just as people did to replace many of the built-in apps on their iPhone.

In fact, it may even be a blessing in disguise, that the next time someone asks me to support reminders without due dates, I could simply point them to the Reminders.app that Apple baked right into their devices (although I continue to think that the apps I recommended above do todos better).

Reminders.app won’t replace OmniFocus for a diehard GTD-fan, in the same way it won’t replace Due for people who truly appreciates the way Due does reminders.


Due 1.5.1 Changelog

★ NEW ★

  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) localization
  • Norwegian localization


  • Ability to edit overdue reminders (title/recurrence) without forcing change of due date
  • Editing overdue reminders no longer advances due date automatically
  • Closing the edit view when there are unsaved changes now confirms close action
  • Marking a repeat-on-completion reminder as done now prompts whether to use due time or current time for next recurrence
  • Added Week start on Saturday option for Arabic regions
  • Increased maximum duration of timers to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds


  • Repeat menu incorrectly reflecting Repeat 1 day/week/month from completion as normal daily, weekly and monthly repeat
  • Crash when editing a reminder after cancelling a swipe to delete action (thanks Val Uvarov)
  • Crash when editing the custom repeat of an overdue reminder
  • Inability to save when editing the custom recurrence of an overdue reminder
  • Incorrect rescheduling of repeat from completion reminders that are yet to due
  • Incorrect display of time and units when using Arabic language in non-Arabic regional settings (thanks Badr Alsane)
  • Graphic glitch when Due is launched as a result of opening a database from another app
  • Bug where last undo reminder is not purged from memory when replacing a database during sync
  • Bug where repeat label appears in new/edit timer view (thanks Mark Bacas)
  • [iPad] Bug where silent mode bezel remains stuck on screen if syncing happens before the silent bezel is dismissed (thanks Daniel M. Gattermann)
  • [iPad] Bug where Edit and Add buttons are sometimes unresponsive on launch

Due 1.5 Changelog

Released April 22, 2011


✓ Advanced recurrence Change your pet’s bedding every 2 weeks on Sunday? Submit a monthly report on the last weekday of the month? Take out the recyclable trash on Tuesday and Thursday each week? Wake up alarms on weekdays only? Clean the littler box every 3 days since last completion? We’ve got you all covered.

✓ Fine-tune your notifications Don’t want alerts to sound on both your iPhone and iPad? You can now choose whether to receive notifications on each of your devices. Want popup alerts for reminders, but not for timers? You can do that too.

✓ Four new alert sounds Two new short alerts (Accordion, Beep) and two new longer ones (Guitar, Flute) that are in the more subtle department.

✓ Faster Now faster at launch, on exit and during syncing, especially with large databases on advanced badging modes (Today + Overdue, Overdue only).


✓ Smoother experience When adding reminders with Quick Panel already opened, when postponing reminders one after another.

✓ Single/double tap behavior Single tap activates Quick Panel instantly, and double tap edits the reminder. Increases double tap delay (thanks Kyle).

✓ Disabling of snooze ‘Disable snooze’ has been renamed as Snooze and has shifted from Settings > Sync to a consolidated notifications page in Settings > Alert & Badges > Reminders. Snooze can now be deactivated independently whether you’re synced with Dropbox or not.

✓ Misc Rearranged Settings view, old ‘Beep’ sound is now ‘Sonar’


✓ Performance issues on Overdue badging with large databases (thanks Tomas Svoboda)

✓ Settings view cropped off on the right edge in landscape view with Home button on left (thanks Kinny)

✓ Help prompt for ‘Alarm mode’ in new timer screen could be hidden behind keyboard (thanks Phil Clarke)

✓ Incorrect sorting of reminders at times

✓ Attempting to sync a non-existent database at times

✓ New reminder screen sometimes loading with blank labels

✓ Due date and time for new reminders getting saved on the iPad even when cancelled


Due 1.4 Changelog

Released March 14, 2011


- Native iPad support
- Expanding title text box for longer titles and notes
- Create timers with second precision
- Double tap to edit reminders and timers (thanks Atma Singh)
- Undo support for deletion and recycling
- Ability to choose which alert type new reminders are created with (Reminder/Secondary/Silent)
- Brazilian Portuguese support (thanks Jan Marcel Gentil)
- Danish support (thanks Niels Danielsen)
- Swedish support (thanks Mathias T.)


- Now remembers last view (Reminders or Timers) and launches to it (thanks Shawn Blanc)
- Undo button now less obtrusive in titlebar, accessible by tapping Edit again, or shaking the phone
- Removes sliding extra panel in add/edit view in favor of editing through quick panel
- Adding new reminders opens its Quick Panel automatically to allow users to customize snooze, alert type and repeat quickly
- Snooze, alert type and repeat options are now set via action sheets instead of cycling with taps
- Network error messages are displayed in notification bar


- Overdue badging not updating correctly if multiple reminders go off at the same time
- Total badges not updated if syncing occurred in the background
- Countdown of time stalling on shaking device (thanks George K)
- Various sync reliability issues, including deletion of reminders, deletion in Logbook using ‘Clear all’ button
- Countdown of time sometimes not updated when Due is resumed from lock screen
- ‘Backup now’ and ‘Sync now’ buttons still responding to taps even if they appeared to be disabled
- Display issues where title in title bar can sometimes be misaligned if Due was launched from the ‘View’ button of an alert notification
- Display issues where title in title bar can be truncated in some languages
- Display issues with devices on Arabic language but English region settings